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Google employees stage mass walkout protest over sexual harassment

Google employees staged a walk-out protest, after it was revealed that Andy Rubin had received a $90 million pay-out despite claims of sexual misconduct. A NYT report found that nearly 50 workers had their contracts terminated for sexual harassment over the previous 2 years.

UK introduces Digital Tax to Combat Tax Avoidance

The UK has introducing new plans for a 2% tax on revenue generated by tech firms. This comes as part of a proposal to prevent large organisations, such as Facebook, from avoiding payment of taxes. Terms include extracting revenue from businesses, whether or not they have a presence in a country (Source: Forbes).

Facebook Launches New Version of Messenger App

The latest updates aims to make the app less complex and easier to navigate. This involves reducing the number of divisions from 9 to 3 (Chats, People, or Discover), therefore making it more simple to use the features within the app (Source: Inc).

Waymo Gets First Permit to Test Fully Driverless Cars in California

The permit allows Waymo to test its driverless vehicles during the day and night, on roads with speed limits up to 65 miles per hour, even in foggy and drizzly conditions (Source: Entrepreneur).

Influencer Sued for not “Influencing”

Luka Sabbat, a social media influencer with over a million followers, is currently being sued for failing to “influence.” According to reports, he breached a $60,000 contract to promote Snap Spectacles on Instagram. As part of the agreement, Luka was required to post one picture and three instagram stories on his account. (Source: Entrepreneur)